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Paddy Power App Download for iPhone

Strong brand positioning and great marketing have paved the way for Paddy Power to the league of major betting companies. Their mobile sportsbook is one of the most popular on the market, bet there are still many players who are not familiar with it yet. Today we are happy to present our detailed overview of the Paddy Power app for iPhone, including useful tips, information on system requirements, a comprehensive review of all the crucial aspects of betting there and a lot more, so stay tuned.

How to Install the Paddy Power App on iPhone?

We know that some of our readers are already eager to start making bets, so we will post the installation instructions first and then move on with the rest. In order to download the Paddy Power app on iPhone, you simply have to visit the App Store. There is nothing special in the installation procedure, the only thing you have to do is to find the right app in the store. The only tricky part is that Paddy Power has a lot of apps that have almost the same name. In case you are looking for a sportsbook, the app to find is Paddy Power Sports Betting.

In case you won’t manage to find it in the App Store, there might be two reasons for that: it is either not supported on your specific device or is regionally locked for your country. The latter may be easily checked on the website of Paddy Power, while for the first point you should look up the system requirements, which we will also post later on in this article.

Review and Summary of the App Betting on iPhone from Paddy Power

Now that we have dealt with installation, we shall move on to the comprehensive review of the app. For this article, we have decided not to make any exceptions, so we will elaborate on each of the key aspects in detail, starting with a brief overview of the company and ending with a conclusive summary.

The Paddy Power company originates from Ireland: it was found in Dublin in 1988. It was a result of the merger of several offline betting companies and now it has more than 600 locations worldwide. As for online betting, the company has successfully entered that market as well. Moreover, they have expanded their field of activity and now they offer a mobile casino, poker rooms, bingo and more.

But we are here today for their sportsbook app, so let us focus on it. It is one of the most popular apps in the segment of mobile betting: they have an average rating of 4.7 based on more than 136,000 reviews. The app is free to download and corresponds to all the modern standards, so let us move on to the details.

The interface is crucial with any sportsbook as there are dozens of menus to navigate through. There are hundreds of sports and hundreds of events for each, so the structure and interface should be perfect for the player not to get lost. Both of these parameters are on a decent level at Paddy Power. There are several categories with subcategories for them, they are logical and intuitive: first, you select the sport, then the championship or league, then the specific match you are looking for.

The structure is supported by interface as all the menus are clear, the fonts are readable and the animations are smooth. The crucial buttons are located on the fixed bar with constant access, allowing you to quickly switch between using the different features of the app.

The app is optimized, yet powerful: there are lots of features to discover. First of all, you can spectate most of the matches right from the app with using the live stream feature. Secondly, there are live bets supported, but we will elaborate on the betting options in one of the following sections. There is also a simplified registration and login procedure for a better start, a loyalty club with decent rewards and a set of generous promotions available for activation.

The banking system of Paddy Power is quite diverse as it accepts various types of payment options. Almost every player will easily find a deposit and withdrawal method that would suit them as the list includes:

  1. debit and credit cards;
  2. wire transfers;
  3. e-wallets;
  4. prepaid cards.

The withdrawals are processed quickly: with e-wallets, they are mostly finished within 24 hours, while with debit cards it averagely takes around 2 working days. There are no fees for the transactions and the limits are quite comfortable as well. With most of the methods, the minimum deposit amount equals to £/€5, while the withdrawals start from £/€1. The only exception is the wire transfer that requires you to withdraw at least £/€10.

Summing up our review of Paddy Power Sport Betting app, we can only confirm that it earned its place in the industry. Everything is on a decent level: we have tested the app and found no major issues regarding it. The interface is comfortable to navigate through, the banking system is flexible, the additional features vary from industry-average to absolutely impressive. We have enjoyed our time at Paddy Power, while working on this review, and are definitely ready to recommend it to our readers.

Paddy Power App System Requirements

Once we have finished with the main review, we are ready to move to the technical part. As we are talking about an iOS app, the system requirements would be easy to understand: we won’t make you compare the required processor specs with yours. You simply need to have an iOS 11.0 or later and at least 115 MB of free space. Apart from iPhones, the app is available on other Apple devices, including iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

How to Make a Wager Using the App from Paddy Power?

Making bets or, in other words, wagering is simple with this sportsbook. First of all, you should create an account and confirm it, then make a deposit. Once the funds arrive at your account balance, you are ready for betting. In order to make a bet for one of the upcoming events, you should:

  1. Hit “Find” to move to the main section.
  2. Select the sports you intend to bet on.
  3. Select the “Next” category to see the upcoming events.
  4. Select the event you need and make the bet.

In case you are looking for a specific event, you may simply use the search tool to find it. You may also mark it as favorite to find it easier the next time. For the in-game or live bets, you should visit the corresponding category from the main menu.

How to Add Funds to the Paddy Power Account Using the App iPhone?

The process of making a deposit is extremely intuitive in the app. You should head to your profile, the corresponding button is located on the top right corner of the app and is visible almost in all the menus. Then you should select the deposit feature, then choose one of the banking methods accepted, configure and finish the transaction. Note that with some deposit methods the transaction processing may take a while, to learn more details visit the website of Paddy Power as they have a comprehensive instruction set with all the information about their banking system and other features.

Betting Options Available in Paddy Power App

The available betting options are probably the most interesting aspect, especially for experienced players. At Paddy Power, the choice is rather vast as they have thousands of events, lots of bets for each event and several types of bets available. We have already mentioned that there are both the bets for upcoming and live games available and there is no need to describe the diversity of the events supported: you will simply find almost any popular sports event there. As for the betting options for specific matches, they are quite impressive: you may bet on the final score, totals, handicaps, timings of scores and many more. The assortment varies between different sports, so we would focus more on the types of bets available.

First of all, there are single bets: these are the typical bets, where you select one specific outcome. Secondly, there are also accumulators, which are the bets with several selections that guarantee a multiplied return if all of them are guessed correctly. Lastly, there is an exclusive Bet Builder feature that allows combining selections from the same event. Those were the main types of bets available, but for the more experienced readers, we also have to mention that there are Yankees, Lucky 15s, Canadians, Lucky 31s and even Heinz bets you may make.

Summing up, the betting options are almost infinite and they are not limiting the player in any way. There are all the events you might need with all the possible betting options and almost no obstacles for making as many bets as you want and combining them the way you want it.

Paddy Power Mobile Betting

The sole word to describe the mobile betting at Paddy Power would be comfortable. With some other apps you are constantly worried about something, for example, deposit issues, finding a specific match, not having the betting option you like available, long registration and account verification, too aggressive notification spam and so on. At the same time, at Paddy Power you register, deposit, bet and withdraw. We have tested the service ourselves and found none of the popular problems present. Being able to log in on mobile is especially important for in-play bets, so Paddy Power is also a good choice to combine the slow and steady desktop experience with jumping in the ongoing events on the go.

Paddy Power Mobile App FAQ

In order for our readers to have a more comfortable start at Paddy Power, we have prepared some answers for the most popular questions regarding their mobile app. Note that these are not all the information available and if you won’t manage to find the answer to your question here, feel free to visit the help centre of Paddy Power as they have much more issues explained in detail and with proper categorization.

Will I get a bonus for playing Paddy Power on the mobile app?

We have already mentioned the promotions in the main article, so yes, you will be able to get a bonus. Most of the promotions are temporary, but they’re always are several of them available. Sometimes, they have mobile-exclusive promos, so you may even get a bonus if you already have an account on your desktop. Note that the bonuses come with certain requirements, so don’t forget to carefully read the bonus terms and conditions before activating the promotions.

How do I contact the customer support team of Paddy Power on mobile?

The easiest and most comfortable way to contact the customer support team is to send a message to their 24/7 live chat. To start messaging you have to visit the help centre, select the “Contact Us” tab, then select the issue you are having and hit the message button. However, we suggest looking through the help centre first, as they have almost all of the popular questions answered in detail.

How do I make a withdrawal?

In order to make a withdrawal, you have to log into the mobile app, hit the profile button in the top right corner, which is available in most of the menus, then select “Withdraw”, choose the comfortable banking option, configure the transaction and confirm it. Before making a withdrawal, make sure that you comply to all the necessary terms and conditions, especially if you have activated a promotion.

How long does it take to process withdrawal requests from the app?

The time needed to process a withdrawal request strongly depends on the payment method you choose. With debit cards it takes from 2 to 5 business days, with e-wallets it is around 24 hours, with wire transfers it may take the whole week. Once you apply for a withdrawal, the cash will be charged from your balance instantly. If you haven’t received the funds in the corresponding period, feel free to contact the support team.

How do I deposit funds?

In order to make a deposit, you have to create and verify an account first. Then you should hit the profile button at the top right corner, select the deposit feature, choose one of the payment options, configure and finish the transaction. With some of the payment options, the delivery of funds to your balance may take a while, so make sure to check out the transaction processing time first.

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